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India’s Energy Transition Towards A Green Hydrogen Economy
White paper on building a green hydrogen economy and policy roadmap for India
The India Green Hydrogen Roadmap white paper has been prepared as a voluntary initiative, bringing together global developments with inputs from multi-stakeholders. It focusses on policy and partnership approaches with energy industry members, government stakeholders and energy experts that will help create a green hydrogen economy in India over the next two decades.

The report proposes a target of four percent for hydrogen energy in the national energy mix by 2030 and 10 national development-stage projects. It also proposes a set of eight recommendations covering policy measures, funding mechanisms and public-private partnerships to build a strong manufacturing position for India within the emerging global hydrogen supply chain and help decarbonise key sectors.

The eight recommendations in the India Green Hydrogen Economy Roadmap, prepared after public-private consultations, include:

  1. National Hydrogen Policy and Roadmap by 2021 to be prepared
  2. Creation of IndiaH2 Hydrogen Taskforce and Workgroups to implement roadmap
  3. Green Hydrogen Investment Fund of $100 million to be deployed through 2025, with a larger Hydrogen Fund to be raised for 2025-2030
  4. National aspiration for 4 percent hydrogen share in national energy mix by 2030
  5. Inter-ministerial hydrogen government body for adherence to global harmonised standards
  6. Green hydrogen production and use cases in key regions, with some coal-gasification and gas-powered grey hydrogen projects as interim step
  7. Ten potential IndiaH2 national projects identified including 10,000 hydrogen-powered heavy-duty truck fleet and infrastructure on Delhi–Mumbai Industrial Corridor; IndiaH2 industrial clusters in ports, logistics, steel, fertiliser, mining sectors; municipal bio-gas hydrogen projects
  8. Fiscal incentives for large-scale national H2 projects and formation of industry consortia

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