LUNCH WITH FTI: The Key to Reducing Physician Preference Item Cost? (Hint: It’s not Limiting Choice)

30 Minutes

Why Watch?
Physician preferences are significant drivers of hospital supply costs. As much as 61 percent can be attributed to surgical devices and implants. Prices continue to rise, and the prevalence of these surgeries will only increase.

In this presentation, FTI Consulting will challenge hospital executives and supply chain leaders to take a closer look at how they approach cost-saving methods related to physician preference products. Often it is personal experience with products or relationships with specific manufacturer representatives that influence physician preference.

By engaging physicians in data driven decisions, FTI helps hospital teams determine product value and equivalency and manage these costs through formulary, price cap, and direct vendor contracting approaches. Typical savings range from eight to 15 percent.vent details here.

Learn About
  • How to save money on surgical devices and maintain a business relationship with their physicians.
  • Specific steps hospitals can take to reduce PPI cost.
  • Supply chain cost-reduction vendor negotiation tactics.
  • How to effectively engage physicians in PPI cost-reduction activities.
Who Should Watch?
  • Supply Chain Executives
  • Value Analysis Managers
  • CFOs
  • COOs
  • Orthopedic Service Line Leaders
  • Cardiology Service Line Leaders
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