LUNCH WITH FTI: How to Effectively Engage Physicians in PPI Projects - Part 2

30 Minutes

Why Watch?
Physician preferences items (PPI) are significant drivers of hospital supply costs. As much as 61 percent can be attributed to surgical devices and implants.  

Most physicians choose PPI based on personal preference or sometimes based on a business or personal relationship they have with the manufacturer’s representative selling that product; but either way, product cost is usually not top-of-mind for most physicians.

Getting physicians to engage with hospital executives in meaningful discussions related to reducing cost of products they use is challenging.

In this presentation, FTI Consulting will share insights into how organizations can effectively engage their physicians in meaningful dialogue to reduce costs.

Learn About
  1. Why many healthcare physician engagement strategies fail
  2. Three primary motivators for physicians to engage in meaningful PPI cost-cutting discussions
  3. Four basic areas which can significantly alter or cause a physician’s behavior to change for using one product or vendor over another
  4. How you can optimize engagement success through use of physician champions             
Who Should Watch?
  • Supply Chain Executives
  • Value Analysis Managers
  • CFOs
  • COOs
  • Orthopedic Service Line Leaders
  • Cardiology Service Line Leaders
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